Apr 10, 2012

In Your Easter Bonnet!

Happy Easter! Now that I'm a Momma to a Beautiful Baby Girl, I just had to go all Girly for her first Easter! I bought her a very fluffy yellow dress, tulle underlay of course!, and was left with the task of creating her Easter Bonnet. So here's what I came up with!

Staw hat (the kind used for displayed glass dolls)
- thank you Hobby Lobby for having this!
ribbon, buttons, rhinestones, & other small
trinkets including a circle brad with the letter E on it.
fake flowers- of the daffodil type (Very Eastery)
and a stretchy headband (white)

Channeling a 1900's style hat, I got to work on my infants headpiece. I love hot glue. I love to scrap with fake flowers and buttons, it's sorta my calling card. So I usually buy full stemmed flowers from Michaels when they are on sale, then tear them apart to use the pieces for my scrapbook pages. For the $1.50 I spent, I'll get way more flower petals than I would buying a canister of flower petals some company put together for $10! For this hat, I left the stems on the flowers so they would hold their shape, but cut them very short. Then started bunching the pieces together. The last thing I did was glue the headband on. I tried to gage where on Elle's head I wanted it to sit, then pasted the headband to the hat accordingly.

And here's the finished product, complete with fluffy sunshine yellow dress.
(And satin white shoes, but you just can't see them.)
The bonnet is meant to be a token piece: purposely small on the head, cocked to the side and worn low towards the forehead.
It turned out just adorable! Everyone loved it!
And more importantly- Elle wore it for a long while on Easter!
Proud to be her Momma!

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