Jul 12, 2012

So today I wanted to share my furniture restore. JW and I found two matching pieces of furniture, from two different locations, (quite the find!) and I transformed them into beautiful pieces for the nursery.  The tall dresser is used for just that, and the long dresser will be used as a changing table.  I love the idea of having a low, long dresser as a changing table, because she will be able to use it afterwards.  What do you do what a changing table.. put it in a yard sale.. that's it.  Anyway, the dressers started out white-ish with gold trim. I sanded them down to remove most of the paint. I used a spray paint primer, and then brushed the small spots and rolled the rest with the Sunshiney-Yellow Paint.  I also removed the hardware and spray painted them with a silver spray paint.  Makes them look brand new! (And I love Spray Paint!) Some of the handles were missing a screw, and BOY! was it hard to find screws that matched!! Who knew!? But JW finally made it work after a few trips to the hardware store.  Machine thread screws with a few tiny washers and the handles were on perfect. These were really fun to re-finish. And i love the way they look in the nursery against the teal walls! 
And here is the finished, completed, put together, in action Nursery! 


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Brice Deon said...

time next year, when we can again look back & see all He's done in 2012.

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